Obsessive Customer Service!

Thank you for your interest in Puff It Up.com ( legal business name Six5)! In a time where most stores focus more on profit than customer satisfaction, we wanted to take a new age approach to online retail. It all started off with a list of things we didn’t like about major retailers, we ended up with a code of ethics that we follow in everything we do.

- Better than expected customer service

- Lightning fast shipping

- ZERO waste. 100% Eco-Friendly production

- Honest Selling. Great products are more important than great profits

We have a lot fun doing what we do, but we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We listen to every comment/suggestion given to us. If you see something we can do to improve your experience with Puff It Up.com , please let us know.

Your business is the reason we are here and we thank you for Puffing It Up with us