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Table Top vapes are the original style of herbal vaporizer, known for reliability and thick vapor production. Desktop vapes offer high capacity loading chambers and heavy-duty heaters with no battery limitations, making them the perfect choice for groups!


Top quality construction and materials make every desktop vape we carry reliable enough to hold up to heavy daily usage. Many popular desktop vaporizers such as the Extreme Q and Da Buddha feature ceramic rod heating elements which are built to heat for a lifetime without any signs of failure. The most common point of failure with portable vapes is the battery; desktop vapes have no battery to wear down or fail, avoiding that issue entirely.

Vapor Production

Powerful heating elements result in powerful vapor and desktop units have larger, stronger heaters than their mobile counterparts. Desktop vapes feature heavy duty heaters powered by a high current of electricity from a wall outlet, ensuring thick, full vapor without any waiting between hits. The Ditanium puts that extra power to good use as one of the only vapes that can fully extract both dry and oily material separately or together.

Group Use

Nearly all desktop vaporizers feature a large loading chamber compared to portable vapes. The Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital, Da Buddha and Extreme Q can all hold about 3-10x the amount of most battery powered vapes, though they also work well with small amounts. Increased loading capacity is one of the greatest benefits to group use; no one likes waiting on a reload. The strong, wall outlet powered heating elements of table top units ensure full rips successively without waiting for the heater to keep up with the group.

Staff Recommendations:

Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is a powerful and versatile multimode vape created by Arizer, one of the most trusted companies in the vape industry. Most desktop vaporizers are dedicated to either direct draw or bag blowing; multimode vapes like the Extreme Q are built to do both. The EQ can be used for direct draw by loading the cyclone bowl or an “elbow pack” for smaller loads by packing material into the dome screen of the included elbow adapter and drawing from the silicone whip. The EQ uses a quiet internal fan with three different settings for blowing bags full of vapor and the fan can also be activated during whip usage for assisted direct draw.

Da Buddha

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a heavy hitting pure convection vape from industry veterans 7th Floor. An industrial strength ceramic heating element is the muscle behind the Da Buddha, pure, powerful and tasty vapor clouds in only a couple minutes. The hands-free ground glass GonG connection and flexible silicone whip make direct draw rips convenient and easy. The DBV is made of thick walled aluminum to withstand any body damage and the open-air insulation between the heater and body ensures the aluminum exterior is always cool to the touch.

Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital

The Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital are two of the most recognized and respected vaporizer models ever created. The Volcano models are the premier bag blowing vaporizers, praised for reliability and vapor output capable of entertaining a full party. German made with only the highest quality heat resistant materials, the Volcano vapes are ultra durable and built to last years and years. Volcano vaporizers quickly blow bags of delicious vapor thanks to the powerful embedded air pump and both styles include one of two unique valve systems: the Solid Valve allows oven bags of all sizes to be used while the Easy Valve offers the convenience of pre-assembled balloons.